Q: How long will it take to receive an inkless print kit?
A: As soon as we receive your order we aim to send your inkless print kit within 3 working days.

Q: How does the inkless print kit work? Is it difficult to use?
A: It is really simple. All you do is simply rub the wipe over the hands and/or  feet and place onto the special paper provided. This will produce a clear hand/footprint. There will be more precise instructions included in the print kit.

Go to 'How to use inkless wipes'

Q: Is the print kit safe?
A: The procedure was developed in the USA, and is used in maternity wards to identify new born babies. It is non-toxic and completely safe.

Q: What if the prints I take are not satisfactory?
A: Make several prints all over the A4 paper. If necessary we can 'clean up' of the prints before using them. The majority of prints can be used. In the worst case, we may have to ask you to re-take the prints.

Q: Can prints be taken from anyone?
A: Yes, we can use prints from anyone of any age or species - don't forget your pets!

Q: Is it possible to have prints on both sides?
A: Yes, this is available with many designs, where indicated.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of letters or prints I can have on my chosen piece?
A: Generally it is not a problem. If we feel the name you require will not fit onto your chosen piece, then we will contact you to discuss other possibilities. For example, it can be written on the back or on a separate tag.

Q: Is it possible to re-order using the same prints?
A: Yes. Your prints will be kept on file for 12 months. Up until then you can place additional orders at any time.

Q: How do I care for my Handprint Jewellery?
A: We suggest you use an impregnated silver polishing cloth. However, please take care not to polish too vigorously into the prints, as this may result in a loss of detail.

Q: I have some existing prints I would like to use, is this possible?
A: Yes. Scan them, upload and send them via our website. Click on 'Contact Us'. Please include your full details and order number in the email.

Q: I have an idea and would like it made, is this possible?
A: Please contact us on our website if you have a design in mind. We have and will try our outmost to accommodate customer ideas and work with individual orders to meet expectations.

Q: If the jewellery is silver or gold, why are some of them not hallmarked?
Under current legislation, silver items that weigh less than 7.78 grams and gold items weighing less than 1 gram do not need to be hallmarked.also. On the pieces with 'Bonded gold' on silver they can be hallmarked with a full silver hallmark only. Should you require your piece to be hallmarked we can do so upon request, for an additional charge. All non-print parts (cufflink backs, key rings, chains, tops etc) are 925 sterling silver or gold whilst all the hand and foot print parts is 999 fine silver. For more information see Hallmarking guidance

Q: How long until I receive my Handprint jewellery?
A: The process usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks from receipt of your prints. This might take longer at busier periods such as Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day, and when hallmarking is required.

Q: I need to receive my order more quickly. Is that possible?
A: Please contact us via our website and we will let you know what our workload is at that time. We will try our best to accommodate you.

Q: Do you do home parties?
A: Yes, in and around Surrey. Please have a look on our Party Page.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: We use the secure PayPal service for online payments. Payment for orders at parties will be accepted by cash or cheque.

For more information please read The useful to know page.